Members' Stories - John


John, Tenor - Member since 2018

How was your first rehearsal?

I was made very welcome at the first rehearsal and was particularly pleased that the choir were rehearsing a favourite classic of mine: Faure’s Cantique de Jean Racine.

What encouraged you to join Waltham Forest Community Choir?

I had belonged to other Waltham Forest choirs but was looking for something between the large and classically based London Forest Choir and the smaller community choirs which had a popular music repertoire.  Although I prefer the classics I liked the good mix of music WFCC offered.

What changes have you seen since you joined?

I am not aware of any large changes since joining the choir.  I may not have seen many changes as I haven’t been with the choir as long as many other members.

What, so far has  been the highlight of your time with Waltham Forest Community Choir?

The highlight of my time with the choir has probably been the performance of Handel’s Messiah at St. Barnabas Church in November 2019.

How, if at all, has the choir impacted your day to day life?

The choir is, for me, an important part of being engaged and active in retirement. Music making with other people is the best way I know of enjoying music.

What are your hopes for the future?

My hopes for the future of the choir are that it can continue to be as successful as it has been so far.  On a personal level, having an interest in early music, I think the choir could develop a chamber section to work  on music by,  for example, Purcell, Monteverdi and the English madrigal composers such as John Wilby, but I realise this may be rather a niche interest.

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